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  1. Thank you, David. What the kind and professional man you are !
  2. Thanks for help. Besides having polygon collision test, could it have another collision like this picture?
  3. Is gasp having the feature for irregular collision ? Or Is javascript having the ability doing irregular collision? thank you!
  4. thanks Jonathan ! You give me a helpful idea, and it really resolve my issue.
  5. 1. situation: I make a slider has some futures ( prev / next / swipe touch ), and i use TweenLite and CSSPlugin to tranlate X for animation. 2. issue: After swipe ( could see scrollImages function ), click the test btn, it will expand article element width and clone the first nav element and append to the article element, but it causes html broken. Else if no swipe , it has no issue. This is the animated gif for showing this broken http://snchun.net/tools/record_2016_02_15_10_45_34_715.gif 3. codepen http://codepen.io/rfrkk/pen/adMOeB#0 I want understand what's wrong with it and solute it , tks everybody .