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  1. Let's say on an event such as a modal window opening you want to pause an animation that may or may not the on the page like in a case where you're A/B testing with and without animation. This works great. if (typeof(myGSanimation) !== 'undefined') { myGSanimation.pause(); } Now, what if there may be any number of animations being tested and you don't know what timeline to reference? Is there a strategy for catching any Greensock timelines other than standardizing on a few timeline names and checking for each?
  2. Thanks! That will set me on the right path.
  3. How would I keep the blue box spinning while allowing what comes afterward to animate? I guess it's logical for the timeline to wait for the blue box but it's never going to finish! I thought the answer was a separate timeline for the blue box, then using .add() but same result.