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  1. Thank You for quick answer... I am from Czech Republic, we are poor country and for animate one small "logo" is such payment which is time limited a lot of money. It was the reason why I asked about the licence/pricing. Thank You Regards ZAJDAN
  2. Hello, Morph Plugin is not for free? if not....exist some time unlimited version? Thanks
  3. Thank You the syntax which You sent works well , perfect! Exist such information in some Official Documentation? 'How to pass value for parameter rotation' for example.
  4. Hello... I have this simple record where I get SVG id's and manipulate with them: $(window).load(function() { var HSCPsvg = document.getElementById("hscp"); var svgDoc = HSCPsvg.contentDocument; var JinJang = svgDoc.getElementById("JinJang"); JinJang.onclick = function (){ TweenLite.to(JinJang, 6, { rotation:360, transformOrigin:"center", ease: Power0.easeNone, repeat:10, }); }; }); TweenLite works correctly, but for one click only. This method I usually use with jQuery and it works for each click. How to change it please, so that the rotation will be executed for each mouse click on the selected element? Thanx
  5. solved Prestashop compiler is realy pity :_) but when the js code is wrapped into: {literal} <script type="text/javascript"> //javasciprt gs code </script> {/literal} works
  6. new info....I enabled in Prestashop dev mode and: Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "/mnt/databox/www/www.shop.com/themes/default-bootstrap/header.tpl" on line 85 "TweenMax.from(logo,2, {css:{top: "0px", scaleX:.2, scaleY:.2},ease:Strong.easeInOut});" - Unexpected ":", expected one of: "}" <-- thrown in /mnt/databox/www/www.shop.com/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 85
  7. Thank You for the hints, but I think it will be something other A-) server status error 500 - is something on server side, nothing with js B-) when the web is loaded and I run the gs script on the web via console works nice - this is indication, there is no fight between js files I think, that probably will be some problem on php side of Prestashop, something what is in a collision with the my gs js
  8. it looks, that the DOM is not completely ready, but from beginning I have wrapped in $(document).ready $( document ).ready(function() { var logo = $("#landing-logo"); var test = $(".pictograf"); var time = 3.5; TweenMax.from(logo,2, {css:{top: "0px", scaleX:.2, scaleY:.2},ease:Strong.easeInOut}); }); and either way it doesn't help
  9. Thank You for fast answer! as I say on simple page it work perfect, but after implementation into bigger project is some problem and in this case is not easy to simulate via CodePen, mainly because of the PrestaShop engine. But what I can do is provide link to my computer: now the script is out and page could be loaded when I put the script into console gs effect works as should be but when the scrip is inside <head>..is problem
  10. HELLO, I am playing with greensock and first I have made simply animation: var logo = $("#landing-logo"); var time = 3.5; TweenMax.from(logo,2, {css:{top: "0px", scaleX:.2, scaleY:.2},ease:Strong.easeInOut}); it work nice, but now I try to implement it into another page and there is problem. This page contains a few div's and one the <div> contains PrestaShop engine. Could be the problem rightly because of the PrestaShop? In debugger is hard to recognize it, because the page after refresh is not loaded. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)