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  1. Hi again!!!!! I have a little question related with zoom images! Normally when I make a zoom in a image with this parameters Example: tl2.add([ TweenLite.fromTo("#image", moveTime*4, {width:1607, height:1168, top:-241, left:-496}, {width:1100, height:800, x:400, y:-150, force3D:true}) ]); This zoom has a jerking/shuttering effect when is developing the zoom, something which is not diserable, for most of my clients... Anyone knows how to fix that????? Thank you in advanced!!!!!!
  2. Thanks a lot for you quick answer!!!!!!!!!! Good job and good explanation! I love your example!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  3. Hi somnabist!!! This ad is for and prepare for flashtalking...What do you think? Thanks!
  4. Hi Greensockers!!!!!! Any tip for banner ssyncronitzation? I will try to explain my doubt/problem I just have a wallpaper banner which includes two banner pieces format 728x90/160x600 which share in some point animations. I just create separately the banner animations, one banner of 728x90 and one banner of 160x600, and then just create an html of 1000x1000 with two iframes which charge the two banners, for try to ajust the syncronitzation. But obviusly they are not syncronize at all...: ( My problem is!!!How can I syncronize the two banners for they star at the same time? Any tip? Any recomendation? Thanks to ypu all!!!!! You are just amazing!
  5. Thank you guys!!!!!! Fot that super useful advices!
  6. Hi again! Any basic recomendation for make a blur effect in TimelineLite? I enclosed a pic for have an idea what i'm talking about...I dont know if thats helps. Thanks in advanced,
  7. Thanks for the quick answer! Actually your tip was not working for me, probably because I am just starting with greensock and I could understand properly whats going on...Although for me your explanation was really clear! However, I found a solution for my click apper/dissappear which is working!!! Anyway Im really interestend in find other posibilities!!!!!!! Guys your are making a great job!!!!!!! var info = $("#icon"); function appear() { TweenLite.to("#info", moveTime, {autoAlpha:1}); info.one('click', disappear); } function disappear() { TweenLite.to("#info", moveTime, {autoAlpha:0}); info.one('click', appear); } info.one('click', appear);
  8. Could I create on click event and show and hide a tooltip with greensock? I am relative new with banner animation and I am creating an info icon who shows on click a tooltip information and again when you click hide the tooltip. Thank you!