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  1. Ah, the bloody braces... Thank you It's a good thing to have a forum when brains aren't operating at full capacity
  2. Hi guys, short and sweet: How do I make a tween use relative units instead of px? In a set of chained tweens, I'd like one to use 50vw for the 'y' transform: .to(".target", { y: 50vh} ) Still a noobie, can't find anything yet in the docs.
  3. Hi guys - a fresh user & customer here, started just couple days ago. I must say GSAP is a pleasure to use even though I can barely "tie my shoelaces" still It's terrific, I'll be using this for years. Anyway, this is the question: I want to trigger an animation-in every time an element comes in view, and -out when it leaves. I see a bunch of libraries out there just for event monitoring, some jQuerry, some JS. This is generally a new field for me, so I figured it's best I just ask here, you're way ahead of me. So the question is – what is the simplest, most hassle-free and cross-browser compatible way to do this? I'm really looking for just a simple method I can reuse over and over, make it part of my mental boilerplate. If possible, a GSAP-only way. Any pointers or doc links will be life-long appreciated.
  4. Thank you, Zach, I'm really all fuzzy-happy inside just thinking about GSAP (for real) – v3 it will be, and thanks for the search querry, on it Will post my progress and/or pen when done. Cheers!
  5. Hi guys, I've been a long-time enthusiast for GSAP, although just a designer and only now gathering coding skills – much praise for the library and everyone involved. What I'm trying to do is create an Earth globe rotating slowly For a close example, see "Cloud with Google" (skip the intro), except all I want is the globe, no fancy gadgets and on-click events/interaction Any help or pointers in the right direction will be appreciated, and don't avoid unpleasant questions, I'll be responding to everything as fast as I can Trying to do this with Three.js & TweenMax, though I'm open for other solutions as well – doing this for both practice and learning, tired of having other people develop for me and mess up the small stuff, time to amp my skills up. I'll be adding the codepen when I get anywhere, still at blank page Cheers to all, hope everyone's warm and cozy