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  1. helo everyone, can you please help me with my tween here.

    the cloud animate infinitely like what i wanted. the problem is this cloud animate to right after going to the left. i just want to make this move to left infinitely. Thanks.

    See the Pen BzGLwp by mhd_arif (@mhd_arif) on CodePen

  2. i think the attrplugin is easier way, like you said it didn't come from the place that it should be. i'm still figuring out how can i center it vertically. i take the height of the svg with .outerHeight() and minus it with the current position of the circle with .position.top. it didn't work, any suggestion guys?

  3. hello everyone, i'm wondering how can i centering my svg object exactly in the center of the screen.

    I give a style for my svg like position: absolute, top:0,left:50%, transform: translate(0,-50%). how can i move it to the center of the screen with gsap?