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  1. at the end of the tween. after the names are displayed. Is there a method in tweenMax or any other i can use and pass the url.
  2. thanks OSUblake. another question, if i want to play a video in between the tween, is that possible?
  3. Trying to build the animation where in for every anniversary the image animates, and name list should show 1 by 1, and as the enxt name comes, the previous name should drop down. and when the complete cycle completes, the animation should display the image on the left, and names on the right. I have got the animation, and text showing up. Need help on how to proceed by displaying all the names one by one. also, if i can read a file with the names that would be great. to start with display names one by one and as the next name is read, the first name should move 1 row down and similar for the 3rd name and so on.i have attached an image which i expect should be looking as.
  4. Thanks, understood the mistakes i made.
  5. i am trying to rotate the image. http://codepen.io/newlearner/pen/vLaZgg and while rotation, it should stop after couple of left-right rotation. Need help to understand what is missing. I have tried giving a repeat=-1, but that also does not work.