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  1. Thanks. That worked, and so simple. I don't understand why there is no need to call Drag.update();
  2. I am using pan/zoom to zoom/pan to an element in an svg, which works great the first time. Then after dragging it, it will not position correctly again. To pan/zoom I tween the viewBox using values from the element's getBBox(). Is it possible to sync the draggable plugin with the tween library when tweening the viewBox? Would it help to create a child svg, and tween that and drag the parent svg? I have tried many ideas from the forum, including clear(), onUpdate.
  3. I tried using svg-pan-zoom to zoom an svg via the mouse wheel. It centers the zoom at the point of the mouse location. But I cannot get it to work with GSAP. (The codepen shown here does not use svg-pan-zoom). Does anyone know of an svg zoom library that zooms with the mouse and integrates with GSAP?
  4. Hi again, when I animate the viewbox, then drag, the content outside the new viewbox is missing. Is there any way to see it? Here is my codepen: http://s.codepen.io/AlmaTheYounger/debug/LGBGEj Thank you.
  5. I need help trying to scale and center to a certain element within an svg. I am using jquery.ui.layout, tweenmax and draggable. I use getBBox() to get the group element's location in the svg file, and then use the values here: TweenLite.to(svgness, 1.5, scaleX: 3, scaleY: 3, svgOrigin: x + " " + y }); It sort of works, but then the element is not really centered in the window.