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  1. Hello I have spent a fair portion of the last day just going over Tweenmax and enjoying it. But I have another question. I am trying to replicate a sunrise with the rotation tween but I cannot get it to rotate in the same way that the sun does, ie upwards more at first - like the letter r. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks James
  2. Thanks for your welcome, and your help. You have helped me get much closer to where I want to be. Ideally I want the boxes to fly in from left of the screen. I am slowly plugging the pieces together! http://iwillbeawebdeveloper.co.uk/rfg/index.html# Edit: Boxes are now flying in.
  3. Hello I have just discovered TweenMax and it looks really good. I am trying to use it despite being a bit of a beginner with JavaScript and having some problems. I'm trying to attach it to my button but I cannot get the Tween to work. It is probably something simple and I hope someone would kindly be able to point me in the right direction. http://iwillbeawebdeveloper.co.uk/rfg/index.html# <script> function() { givemefruit = document.getElementById("givemefruit"); givemefruit.onclick = function() { TweenMax.staggerTo(".box", 1, {rotation:360, y:100}, 0.5); }; } </script> Thanks James