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  1. hey guys, @OSUblake Just to let you know how it's going https://fonosteps.com/pt/demo The shadow animation was a great improvement on UX, thank you! Does anyone know why the video won't play in PIXI after a alpha animation? 😁😁 thanks!
  2. Hi I've started doing some experimentation with PIXI. https://fonosteps.com/pt/demo (sorry is in Portuguese, but there is still not a lot to see :p) I'm struggling a bit with the game "scenes" management, to optimize performance, not sure about using sprites, containers, movieclips (apparently not available on V5), would love to know your thoughts on that. A more practical question, how you recommend animate a dropshadowfilter? @OSUblake thank you!
  3. Hi @OSUblake do you still recommend using PIXI and Phaser for this kind of simple game dev? thank you