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  1. In the first lines of JS i´m doing: TweenMax.set(".big-flipper", { transformOrigin:"75px 0px -37.5px", }); Gsap is not applying the z value, when i inspect the element with google Dev tools the z value always becomes "0" no matter what value i use: transformOrigin:"75px 0px 0px", .... cheers
  2. i´ve tried adding perspective to the parent, transform-style and transform-perspective with no luck. The problem still persists. I´ve noticed that the transform-origin of ".big-flipper" is causing the bug, it is causing the misplacement of the 2 faces (front & right) only in safari mobile, i dont know why is happening this and how to fix it.
  3. Hey code mates! I wanted to ask for help in something that i´ve triying to solve all weekend. If your run my pen on Safari mobile you will notice that 2 faces are not respecting the translate3D property given, in Safari mobile they are not in the right place. In every other browser they are running great. Is there something i´m missing here? Do i have to add something to make Safari recognize the actual translate3D? Thanks! And btw i´m making and event invitation with the cube + gsap, as soon as i get this Safari mobile bug i´ll finish the syling and will make it live. I´ll share it here.
  4. Hey guys! Few hours ago i got together with my brother (he is a back-end programmer), showed him my problem and he made this neat code which solved all my problems. I just wanted to share the pen so this topic has a final working demo: http://codepen.io/caemostajo/pen/dMwZJM?editors=0100
  5. Hey guys! I´m having a little distortion in my mainScene when i add repeat:-1 to its timeline. When repeat:-1 is added to the mainScene timeline the animation changes, in particular the "thirdsetScene". I hope somebody can help me with this little issue, making the manScene run as it should with repeat:-1 to loop infinitely. Thanks, thanks and thanks!
  6. Thank you so much Carl! I´m really happy to be a GreenSock member and to have this awesome support. With the transform-origin you mention i was setting the pivot point of that face rotation to: "100% 0 -50%" but using variables... But i erased it because you said it is a invalid value for the CSSPlugin and it runs great. Bests!
  7. Hi! I´m using (ease: Power0.easeNone) in all the tweens and the movement is not linear like it should. It should run exactly the same as when the cube closes. Also if you run it on IE it starts all glitchy. Why the ease: Power0 is not working and why IE have those problems? Hope somebody can help me, thanks!
  8. Hi super coders! I really need some help from you guys, i've been trying for hours with no positive results so i finally decided to post it here. In my pen, there are 2 buttons to run the animation, right now it is using CSS transforms & transitions but will have gsap as i will animate the cube with some infographics to. Right now I just want to have the basic parts done. Ok! so i have 2 problems: 1) the left face of the cube is not in the right place, i need to place it in its respective space and to have the same animation it has right now. I want it exactly like this: http://www.f-lohmueller.de/pov_tut/backgrnd/im/CubeMappingWrapping_1d_64.gif 2) all the faces have inner and outer images, when the front face opens the image has some flickering (the outer image is shown when the inner image has to be seen) Bets of bests and thanks in advance! ~cm
  9. You guys are awesome! thank you so much !! Craig you've been really kind and helpfull in all my posts... really appreciate that putting all the paths in a single svg and working them on illustrator was the solution... paths on inkscape have to many transforms and blah and bleh on its code, illustrator keeps it so simple, love it really excited with gsap, its giving life to everything!
  10. Hi tweeners! I'm sure this is an easy one due to the skill level of GreenSock members there are 3 svg's in the pen, the last svg (#dot) tweens morphSVG to the 2 svg (#brush), the thing is that it morphs and goes to another coordinates... way to far. How to morphSVG a multipath SVG (#brush) and stay in the same place. THX!!!
  11. Hi coders! I was hoping to get some help with this pen. When the page is loaded the TimeLine runs smoothly but when you click on the svg to run tl.restart() the #wave the drop creates when touching the water has a weird delay. how to run the TimeLine always like the first time? thx!
  12. Hi! I am having a bit of trouble getting both svg's to inteact with GSAP, in the pen attached there are 2 svg's (triangle, arrow) and a div (probe). Triangle and probe are supposed to move with tweenMax but only the div does so, how can i get my svg's moving or changing fill, etc.. with GSAP.