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    Simple Animation test

    Hey Jonathan, Thank you for responding so quickly but it looks like you haven't really read my post. I took the bother of linking to a Gist with all of the code, did a screencast showing the result, added relevant references and explained why I did not use codepen. Please review my post references and content again if you will. Cheers Ajar
  2. I've made a small animation test, trying to mimic this simple effect My code is available here and this is a screen-capture recording the results. 4 browsers from left to right: IE11 - a complete mess, not web worthy... then Microsoft Edge 13 - notice a round circle is a bit too much to ask... I used border-radius. Then comes the mighty Google chrome - notice how the animation elements are pixelated during the animation to achieve "performance"... and last is Firefox which is the only browser that delivered a sharp result although the movement was a bit jumpy lacking smoothness and elegance.