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  1. 3.11.4 seems to have fixed the issue on the Codepen so thats great news. Sadly the fixClicks function did not work on the live site though, I was sure to clear my cache and ran a console.log to make sure it was running correctly but no luck on iPhone 14 pro.
  2. Having an issue with overflow scrolling on mobile. I am using ScrollSmoother on my site and when you open the mobile menu I PAUSE Scrollsmoother so that you can overflow scroll the menu. Pausing ScrollSmoother allows the scrolling to work as expected but when you touch to scroll the menu it instantly clicks the links in the nav and takes you to that page. I have attached a Codepen showing the issue, to replicate: size the viewport to a mobile size and enable Touch in inspect element and refresh the page. You'll notice that when you start to drag the menu it instantly clicks the link instead of scrolls. I narrowed it down to ScrollSmoother by setting smoother.kill() on menu open and touch scrolling began working normally. I also noticed through multiple other random tests that the error is possibly coming from gsap's Observer.js _getEvent function.
  3. Thank you for the response @GreenSock Removing the data-speed helped and your release of 3.11.3 solved the scrolling back to the top issue
  4. @GreenSock Here is a VERY quick and dirty demo I put together to demonstrate one of the issues. These accordions work fine with 3.10.4 but on 3.11.2 they jump you around the page as they open and close. The issue I am having with the scrolling to the top is in a much more involved section and will be harder to create a demo for (These are coming out of a Wordpress site). Also...Here is a screen recording showing the accordions working as expected with 3.10.4 https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/11357903?key=2be76a7bedb23d6d2787f24344f9638d https://codepen.io/tbuzelli/pen/oNdpKgM
  5. Hey @GreenSock @Rodrigo, I updated to 3.11.2 and while it fixed some of the issues I am still having a problem where it instantly jumps to the top of the page on refresh and then as soon as I begin scrolling again it jumps to the correct spot on the page. I am using Refresh for when a user switches tabs, opens accordions, or expanding div sections and all seem to be problematic. From what I can tell I was not having issues with 3.10. Is there a way I can use 3.10.4 Business via NPM? That way I can get this launched and continue to work on fixes or wait till the next update?
  6. Hey @GreenSock I am having the same issue as well and would really appreciate the files. We have a site going live in the next couple of weeks.
  7. The browser and OS does not appear to matter. The video was shot on Big Sur 11.2.3 with Chrome 91.0.4472.106, but it also occurs on Big Sur 11.4 with Chrome 91.0.4472.114. Here are screenshots of it happening in Windows 10 Pro 20H2 on Chrome 91 (114) and Firefox 89.0.1. And it's not a plugin issue, either, because it was tested with Incognito. I also had coworkers confirm they could reproduce on their machines. I didn't bother screenshotting Edge, but it happened there, too. I haven't tested Safari but will if you think it'll help. Went ahead and tested Safari and had identical issues. Please let me know how else I can support.
  8. Here is one video that shows how positioning gets stuck on resize, then unstuck on resize again. They also do not seem to respect where they should be relative to the document position (i.e. 2 grids from the top, and 3 grids separating one another). Near the end, it also demonstrates how the actual order of the elements changes, with it ending up CAB instead of ABC. reordering_objects.mp4
  9. Thank you for the informative reply. It is very unfortunate that these two libraries cannot play nicely together, but I understand the limitation. I believe I'm going to spend some time hacking away at Locomotive to see whether I can resolve the issue by preventing some of its (perhaps unnecessary) transform resets when objects aren't in view. Hopefully the performance impacts aren't decisively negative. I'll report back if I have any success.
  10. Hi Blake, This is a great demo and would be a lovely replacement for Locomotive, but I noticed I was able to consistently break it on resize, similar to the issue I am having in my thread here. I haven't done a proper investigation as to whether or not they are truly related issues (i.e. ScrollTrigger not being able to detect whether it's in a triggered section and .refresh() only affecting those sections that are in view), but it seemed worth notifying someone about. Let me know if you need me to screen record how I go about breaking it, but the instructions I provide in the linked thread seem to work pretty reliably for me.
  11. Hi all, I've forked the ScrollTrigger + Locomotive demo linked from your website. The only changes I've made were to add two extra sections to make it longer, and then add the data-scroll-container and data-scroll-section attributes, as is recommended by Locomotive: To break ScrollTrigger, you can simply scroll through the demo as usual, and then once at the bottom, just resize your browser. (Please ensure that all other sections are outside the viewport.) When you scroll back up to any of the other sections, their ScrollTriggers will be broken and will not play, as if you're not re-entering their section at all. This behavior is reproducible in all scenarios when employing smooth scroll and data-scroll-section. Calling ScrollTrigger.refresh() from the console will only refresh any ScrollTriggers that are currently within view, rather than refreshing globally as it states it should. I have a hunch that it's related to how Locomotive puts a data-scroll-section-inviewattribute on the relevant section (and makes all others opacity 0 and resets their transform), but that's about as much as I've been able to deduce so far. This has been racking my brain for a couple of days and I would greatly appreciate assistance. Thank you and sincerely, C5