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  1. Awesome. I'll put these tips into place and let you know the results. Now I have a better understanding of how things are displayed. Appreciate the help. -Ray
  2. Jonathan and Ohem, Thanks so much for your help. We have Animate CC 2015.2 build I will try the scaling method. Can I build the Animate document double size, then place in movie clip and scale? Or should I create SVG text and images at largest size and import? I'm attaching the zip file with .js, .html and image. We have Dell flat screen monitors at our workstations. Running everything from Lenovo T460s Laptop. Follow up Question: Where would I insert the snapToPixelEnabled line? in .js or .html? I'll do a little more home work on it today. Thanks for the quick response. -Ray blurryBannerTest_v01_628x162.zip
  3. Any ideas on improving quality of text in an HTML5 Canvas ad from Adobe Animate CC? All text looks a bit fuzzy when publishing. Google search mentioned stage.snapToPixelEnabled = True; That helped a bit but our Campaign Managers are expecting a higher quality. There are tons of other scripts to scale the stage up and down which are actually mystifying to me. Not sure where to plug these methods into the .html and .js that Animate CC generates. Thanks in advance for the amazing brains out there. -Ray
  4. Thanks for the info. I saw this presentation at MAX. I appreciate the chance to watch again. We'll explore the examples and try out CreateJS. Best, Ray
  5. Good Day, We used Flash forever, Now working with EDGE ANIMATE to create banners. Ad performance is off and we want to test other methods. Can anyone hand-code 180-200 banner ads a week with 4 designers? That's what I'm faced with coming from a fast paced timeline animation workflow. Google Web Designer is not an option for us. Let me know if anyone is hand-coding at that scale. If so, any tips and tricks to share?