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  1. It's weird - I don't have an example to hand, but I basically dropped in some (non-plugin based) GSAP2 code I had previously used in to a new Nuxt project the other day, which worked great on local but after being compiled through the 'generate' command just wouldn't work, that was both transpiling and not. I changed the code to the new syntax, and it started working. I probably should have done the same thing here rather than just assuming. Is it a better idea to use gsap/all? Is it more useful because everything can be imported from it? are there other benefits? Thank you for your help again.
  2. Ahah! That's great thanks Blake. So I'm positive I did it the same as what you did (via the transpile method), although I think what might have been breaking it is I used code from GSAP 2, which as you've pointed out wasn't right. I've just ported this over to my in-development site and it's worked. Really appreciate the assistance.
  3. https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap3-nuxt-premium-plugins-ju3go Here's a link. I've tried a number of different strategies, so you might find it's a bit of a weird mix... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Sam
  4. Hi @OSUblake and @mango-nyc, I've been going in circles, I hope you can help. I'm also trying to get the plugins working inside Nuxt. GSAP3 itself runs just fine as a normal import, however when trying to get the premium plugins working I'm getting stuck. I've added gsap to Nuxt via Yarn (./gsap-bonus.tgz), and imported gsap and MorphSVG from the folder. If I try import from the non-dist folder (with build / transpile setting as above in the nuxt config ), I get an error : _toArray is not a function If I import from the dist folder (UMD?), as above, I get a window error. I've encountered this before and understand it's because the SSR side doesn't have a window. If I then wrap the imports in the (process.client) check (to force client side), and convert them to requires instead, I still get a window error. Cannot assign to read only property 'window' of object I've created a CodeSandbox with the zip inside to demonstrate, I will happily paste the link if that's okay. It'd be great to get a definitive boilerplate setup for these issues. I feel like I've tried all the advice I've seen, but am still getting stuck. Thanks for the support.