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  1. Hello, I found this awesome greensock example sending clouds randomly across the screen. You will notice the clouds take on the full height of the viewport. If you start with a smaller height and than increase it. It will start sending clouds into that available space. Here is an example of that. https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/4f849ca24bb5f1050a69651a6e82f271 - this codepen is using image files. However I need to use SVG files. When i replace the images with SVG's you will notice that the SVG's stick to the top of the viewport. Here is an example of that: https://codepen.io/P
  2. But is that the reason my animations are lagging into place? i dont understand.
  3. Hey guys! I am working up a new animated banner for my boss's site. I have 4 banners. Each one animated in to view and animated out of view. I just finished all their animations. I commented out the js and html for each individual banner while I worked on the animation. They are strung together as once leangthy animation due to my lack of knowledge with JS and Gsap but think it should work okay. However when I removed all my commented out JS and HTML to string all the animations together to play in "sequence" Every animation except the first example will lag into place and not show the whole
  4. Hello! I am working on an animated banner. I currently have media queries via CSS set to change the original position of each object that is being animated. The problem im having is the objects are being positioned incorrectly apon window resize. You can only obtain the correct positioning by refreshing the page. Is there a way I could do this so it works more smoothly? Does any one have any suggestions? Would doing it in JS fix my issue? If so how would I start figuring out how that works? Here is a link to my project so you can see my issue. http://portalpacific.net/Al/pg4/ Thanks!
  5. Hello! I have a complex animation that uses media queries. I searched google and found people using percentages and other methods to make their greensock animations responsive. However. My animation works perfectly on any screensize (Initial load) If you resize the window the media query positions on my elements are offset and incorrect. However if you simply refresh the page everything animates and displays perfectly! So.. I am not the best with javascript and am very new. I found greensock easy to start off with but am now needing help finding a solution to this "dead-end" lol. So i need