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  1. Well there are plenty of tweens to be added after the load. But I guess I could use the addLabel() method and insert tweens at appropriate places. Wow, didn't think of this:). Thanks Dipscom!
  2. Hi, I've been using the TimelineMax library to animate navigation tabs that are loaded via AJAX. The problem that I am facing is that elements that are newly added to the DOM aren't animated, as they haven't been detected when the Timeline was created. Playing the timeline from the start has no effect especially .from() animations The linked codepen demonstrates my problem although I have replaced the AJAX call with a html load function. Thanks in advance
  3. WOW! This has to be the best solution anyone has ever given to me on a forum. Your totally rock Blake! I will definitely try out TypeScript. thank you so much!!!
  4. hey guys! GSAP animation is the first and only animation library I have used. Although learning it through the Docs hasn't been difficult, it would be nice to have someone develop an extension for GSAP products for code editors. This extension could provide quick access to parameters, functions stc. I think this has been a community demand for a long time and I would request anyone with knowledge of developing IDE extensions to please take up this project thanks in advance!