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  1. Oh well that's just too simple! Expanding on the question–do you see anything wrong with using either of those calls within my 'requestAnimationFrame' loop? I mean am I loading up the browser heavily by making it run those calls on repeat? Or is that a common practice when you're triggering events by scroll position and I shouldn't worry about it? Thanks, Yan
  2. Is it possible to add timeScale when playing a timeline with this method:? timeline.reverse() I'm running play timeline within a 'if scroll is this' loop and would like to reverse the timeline with faster speed on the 'else' statement like this: if (scrollTop < 64) { timeline.play(); } else { timeline.reverse(); } Thanks for your time. Yan
  3. @carl thanks so much for the detailed response. Really appreciate it! I'll try this out on my code tomorrow and let you know if I have further questions. Regardless I will let you know my progress! Yan
  4. For some reason when I use from or staggerFrom with requestAnimationFrame, the animation jumps and actually acts as if it's doing a "To" tween. When I use the code outside of my requestAnimationFrame, it works fine. Why is this? I need to use within a requestAnimationFrame because I trigger the tween when scroll is at a certain position and I need requestAnimationFrame to determine that position (I was advised that's the correct way to do it instead of attaching to scroll). Here's my tween: TweenMax.staggerFrom(".box", 1, { x:100, autoAlpha: .5}, .5); I made a quick codepen demonstrating this issue. Thanks, Yan
  5. Found it! Downloaded the full zip from the dashboard and it had the all of bonus plugins as .js files. I just included that js file before calling the cdn tweenLite.
  6. Hi, Just subscribed as to Shockingly green account. Love how easy this is Sorry if this is a dumb question but I don't quite understand how to download and install the SVG morph plugin? I click the download button on the plugin page and use the cdn links but that doesn't seem to include the bonus plugins like SVG Morph. Please advice. Thank you! Yan