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  1. I'm using browserify. I was hoping not to have to create a custom shim of course but oh well. Since Draggable seems to be a standalone package Greensock can create an npm module with their own namespace like @greensock/draggable and @greensock/gsap then npm publish --access=public which would be the best. Thanks for the reply.
  2. As the title states, I'm using GSAP through npm and the default pacakge is TweenMax when doing require('gsap'). Using ES6 imports with babel should convert things like import {Draggable as Draggable} from 'gsap'; to var Draggable = require('gsap').Draggable; I think. Anyway, how to I access the other pieces when requiring gsap? I did an Object.keys(TweenMax); and I didn't see and accessor methods for plugins etc. Help please. Thank you!