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  1. Thanks Craig, yeah that post from Shaun wasn't appearing up until just now when you mentioned it. Not sure why I didn't see it before but I've checked over the past two days, but didn't see anything. Probably something I did wrong. Anyhow, thanks much for your help!
  2. Hi Shaun, it was to jump to the end. I ended up figuring it out with the help of another GSAP rep. I don't know why, but when I checked back on this thread yesterday and today, I didn't see your reply. But you actually replied on Monday. Not sure why that was. But the other GSAP rep told me you replied and now it popped up. Lol. Anyhow, thanks for looking into and for your help with this. Looks like its good to go.
  3. Yes, this was a follow up to the same project. The last person who assisted didn't respond, so I decided to start a new thread. But anyhow, you have helped greatly. I see what was wrong now that I have looked at your addition. Somehow, this codepen snippet is actually part of a larger scale project. In the project, I realized that there was something a tad bit different than in the codepen example—the scope. The headline was created within a function—that was also within a function. My call to the timeline object was not reached because of the scope somehow. So I just resolved the headline on click from within the function. Hope that makes sense. I know it might be hard without seeing exactly what I am seeing, but I'm not able to post the larger project yet. Anyhow, thanks much for your help. Mission accomplished!
  4. This timeline was created dynamically. But I can't stop the animation or make it resolve to the end the normal way (on an event—like a click). How can I do so?
  5. Hi Shaun, I'm here again. I was attempting to resolve the animation to the end using "headlines_tl.progress(1, false)," but it didn't work. Since this timeline was generated in a sort of dynamic way, is there a different approach I should be utilizing in order to pause it?
  6. Great! I'm serious—this really made my day. I love the methods and solutions you came up with and appreciate it much!
  7. Ok. Thanks! I do have a question. It might add a bit of complexity. Not sure. So I'm hoping to have all of the blocks (except the first) start of with 0 opacity—and after the first block fades off, the next fades in—until it gets to the last block (which will not fade out). The reason for is that in the final application, these blocks will be absolute position (stacked on one another), and it will just be text (no blue background). Kinda like one headline fading out and one fading in. Is there a simple solution to this that integrates with the logic you have already provided?
  8. Wow. Shaun… I am truly impressed. Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. I was worried that my aim would not be fully understood, but you got it down solid. Thanks again. I will look through the code to understand your process at arriving with this solution.
  9. **See Codepen URL** I'm trying to create a simple sequence that fades out "Test" after 4 seconds, and then fade out "Rest" after 2 seconds. "Best" will remain. When I append outside of the "if" statement, the sequence works—but inside of the statement—it does not register. I am able to detect as existing all of the elements (div, array, timeline object, etc) in the statement with the console log. It appears though that appending a sequence from an embedded "if" statement will not work. It has to be done on the root level with the Timeline object. Is this correct? Or is there a way to make this work with my current setup? (I've added notations to the code.) Thanks!
  10. Thank you! I made a wrapper around the div that was getting replaced with the iframe. Now it works fine. I appreciate your time and help. ::Carey::
  11. Hello, I can't seem to animate a div that contains a youtube video and I have a project that due asap. I want to be able to animate the opacity or the position. The animation either won't occur or the animation will stop before it has completed. Please let me know what I might be doing wrong. Thanks! ::Carey::
  12. I don't have a live example to show just yet, but here is my problem. I have a button with a shine that runs across it when you roll over. The shine is within a div that has its overflow property set to hidden. This is so the excess shine image is cropped. But when I animate the scale of any other element in my document, it releases the overflow on the button. When I scale an element back to normal size, the overflow property becomes hidden again. Why is the scale property causing that? (ex: TweenLite.to(object, .25, {scaleX:.5, scaleY:.5});