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  1. Text was converted to outlines. I'm assuming it is a hardware issue, as mentioned here. I haven't gotten the chance to test on an alt machine yet, but I'll do that. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently using GSAP to create a few banners with SVG shapes (text from Illustrator outline since I can't get Webfonts for these). They work and look fine on my machine, but when tested on a PC in Chrome, there is a small issue where the moving SVG element leaves a sort of "trail" graphically, but only when viewed at 100%. I've attached a mocked up version of the issue (I tried getting the user to provide a zoomed in screenshot but she says the issue vanished when zoomed in). Has anyone encountered this when animating SVG elements? I am imagining it is probably a hardware issue.
  3. I'm not quite sure either. I'm actually starting to suspect it has something to do with our server and some code being run on it (its a testing site at work, so I'll check to see if IT knows what it is). I wasn't sure if js_defer.js was something out there that was well known and I'd just never heard of, but perhaps not. My best guess is it "defers" javascript files from executing until after the entire page has loaded, but beyond that I'm unsure. This seems to be a server issue as the banner works fine when I upload it elsewhere. Sorry for the kind of nebulous question.
  4. I've been creating some banners in Animate CC using GSAP and AdHelper as presented here. Using the GSAP_AdStarter.fla template. I managed to get the banner running on my local machine just fine when I test it, but as soon as I upload it to the testing server to view it, the banner will not load and I keep getting an error thrown: PSA ERROR: Exception while evaluating.preloader is undefined It's being called from js_defer.js. The banner does not load (only displays the default "Loading Advertisement...") and I cannot figure out why this happens. Has anyone else come across this error? And if so, is there a solution?