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  1. thank you, I want to use an html code with different elements to test if the player clicked on the correct element or no.
  2. Attached is a game image every element make an animation. when a eelement exceeds the red line he raises the animation again, if not after the click moves in the pannel. sorry I'm not good English why I use goole translation
  3. I want to create a function to test the click after or before position <hr>. If after --> click and animation position disabled thanx
  4. I want to fix the selected item, and the other remaining loop. thanx.
  5. Thanx @Dipscom, I have 4 elements in animation(background red). What I Want to do is: when i click to one of those element his position change and the other continue the infinite animation. Thanx.
  6. hello, I want to animate any element, and when I click on each element it changes position and stop animation. http://codepen.io/kingproo/pen/KVaNoJ