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  1. @Carl Ok so a couple of follow up questions: Firstly is that the recommend way of formatting greensock parameters as per your codepen? Secondly as you may have seen from my codepen by next task with this animation is to fade in the contents of the circle inline with the stagger ending (not sure if I am going to do anything more fancy than fade it in). i.e. circle fills, text fades, circle 2 fills, text2 fades. vs at the moment where the circles run, then text appears. I thought I could do this with labels. Add the label to my timeline then run the animation I want at that point. Looking at it now though all I have done is add a label, then run the animation...it would have run in the same way with or without the label implementation. Is it possible to hook into the end of the each staggered item in the way I want? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your quick and detailed response. Cycling looks very interesting, I will look through your implementation and come back if I have any further queries!
  3. I have created a basic drawsvg animation where the content of the circle fills with a colour. I will have multiple circles on a page so I want the animation to loop through each item which I have achieved with the staggerFromTo. The next step is to feed in dynamic values for the drawsvg animation which I was hoping to pull from data-percent="x" as the values will be output on the page. I have done this but I am not sure on the best way to loop through this data...as at the moment it only pulls in the last data att value rather than the unique value for each circle. I hope my intention is clear. Any help would be appreciated