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  1. Hi Jonathan, that does indeed look like a Chrome / Webkit issue, thanks for the quick reply!
  2. I'd like to tween a CSS property that accepts multiple values, but I only want to tween one of the values. The values specify the width and height of a background image. With this starting CSS: background-size: 50% auto; And this object passed to GSAP: {backgroundSize: '100% auto'} I'd expect the 'auto' value to be passed through to the CSS so that during the animation the element's backgroundSize property looks something like this: background-size: 51% auto; background-size: 52% auto; background-size: 53% auto; background-size: 54% auto; background-size: 55% auto; background-size: 56% auto; But it seems that GSAP doesn't handle the 'auto' value, resulting in no animation at all. Is there any way to work around this? The animation works as expected if I use a values like '50% 50%' or '100% 100%', but I specifically want the browser to calculate background height (auto) based on the background width. Check the console in the linked codepen for example output. Uncomment the html / js for the red box to see how it looks when it works. Thanks!