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  1. Jonathan, I tried using "overwrite" to correct the problem but it still didn't work. Also, I don't think this is a case of "immediate render" confusion because I'm using fromTo and not just from, so the object's values when the function is called are irrelevant.
  2. Hi All, Sorry for the broken pen, I cleaned it up before posting and stupidly forgot to test it again. @Jonathan, @Jack, This is kind of what I assumed was going on. I guess "intuitive" can mean different things in different examples. I just so happened to expect that a call to "set" would overwrite any previously called tweens on these objects, but I can see why you want it that way.
  3. I have found what seems to be an inconsistency when cancelling tweens. Please see the attached codepen for a demo. Usual Behavior: When TweenMax.set is called while another tween is running, the already running tween is cancelled (when they affect the same values) The Possible Bug: When that initial tween is called, but it hasn't "started", the cancellation does not occur and TweenMax.set is effectively called before the former tween even though it occurs after. Edit: I updated the codepen to work and to make more sense.