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  1. Tested on IE Edge and this still works What is the reason this works? Is there another workaround via CSS maybe?
  2. Is there anyway to reanimate an element in a single timeline? My guess is probably not, but I have a animate sequence that ends with the animation of the first frame. In the codepen example, I want to animate box1, then box2, then box1 again (exact same animation as the first time it ran). How should I approach this problem?
  3. Say I have 2 elements in .staggerTo(), is it possible to animate different properties for the 2 elements? If not, is creating a different timeline the best solution? The problem here is, I have a timeline1, that has a series of animations, but on the last animation, I want to animate one element coming in on the left, and another coming in from the right. If I were to create another timeline for the element coming from the right, I'll need to calculate the seconds it should start, which is what I'm trying to avoid. Codepen example with 2 timelines, cause I'm not sure how to do it with staggerTo.