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  1. Hi Diaco! Here it is: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/NxqQwK
  2. Hi! I'm experiencing a problem with draggable. Maybe someone can help me... I'm using draggable with the throwPropsPlugin to move a DIV and I have my own Javascript to scale and center it on mousewheel and pinch events. Unfortunately draggable doesn't use the new translate3d values, if I drag the div after that, because the internal x and y values were not updated. I found that .update() schould do this, but the .x and .y values of my draggeable object are the same before and after I execute .update() even though the translate3d values of my DOM object have changed. What am I doing wrong? My code is: Draggable.create( "#image", {type:"x,y", edgeResistance:0.8, bounds:"#frame", throwProps:true, onDragStart:function(){ console.log("dragstart"); clearTimeout(mousewheelTimer); } } ); and later called after a short timeout, when the mousewheel is no longer scrolling: function mousewheelEnd(){ console.log(Draggable.get("#image").x ); Draggable.get("#image").update(); setTimeout(function(){console.log(Draggable.get("#image").x );},1000); } I also tried to kill the Draggable object and create a new one and to disable it while the mouse is scrolling. Nothing worked. Please help! Thanks.