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  1. First off thank you for creating such a library and will definitely be interested in buying a license. Right now I'm trying it out and getting to know the software. Please go to http://www.irzfx.com/misc/test.html There you will find a series of buttons, text, etc... On the right there is a create button, please click ... it will automatically create text for you on the red canvas, and it will be transformable as well. So what I'm trying to do is to have text input fields on the left to modify the text, size, etc... So with the text selected go to the text input field below the EDIT TEXT title and enter just one letter, you will see the selected text flip or scale!?? Why? I can show you the code I have so far if needed, but so you know I have the AutoDeselect off, so I'm using a ClickOff routine to check if the mouse is clicking on a field or not, this way the Selected Text stays selected. Thanks for your time Rafael