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  1. Dear fripi, 


    last week, i played around with tweening the current time of a video a lot. I think your code might just work fine - its an issue of the video codec. At least for me it works even with large video sizes now that i have changed settings in the codec - to be precise: it works only when i put a keyframe (I-frame) on every frame in the video codec. Take a look at the program in which you are rendering the video with. In premiere CC (for example) my default settings for keyframes when rendering h264 was every 24 frames - meaning, the codec just takes "full pictures" (pretty much like jpgs as i understand it) every 24th frame. Between these frames he tries to interpolate. We figured: It might just be the case that tweening with greensock between these 24 frames might not work that well, because the codec is not so fast as to figure out the excact interpolation between them. If you make every frame a keyframe in your codec, it works perfectly for me... I hope it does for you as well:)  (ps: please excuse my poor english skills - i hope you are getting what i am trying to convey:)) 

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