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  1. Hi Jonathan, will do edit: Well, maybe I will pass the codepen adventure for now. I have to code a lot of things and I am not really a fan of those platforms. Since removing the DOM part solved the issue with compatibility, I will leave that at that. Have so many tasks this week, and this is my side project doing in spare time. Thanks, Regards
  2. And a follow-up: Well, I just remembered why I generally do not like to apply opacity and visibility to 0/hidden: compatibility with IE8 and older browsers, Opera Mini and so on. The trouble is document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) is not running in IE8 and lower, and I must maintain IE8 compatibility for now. Also, if animation fails in some other XYZ browser for whatever reason, the entire logo part (ouch!) will be invisible. Solution is, of course, to use modernizr, but I also like to keep things as simple as possible. Oh, well - back to square one updat
  3. Hi Jonathan, thanks for your impressive post! I will study all that you wrote in the upcomming days, but for now can report this from brief tests: 1. wrapping both in DOM and onload only did not help, it produced the same result as just with onload only btw. here is that example: http://i.imgur.com/v7VSkXr.gifv I forgot to mention that the above with ordinary "O" happens only with the very first visit, every other page refresh, even in dev console with caching disabled, does not reproduce it. Firefox really must run in private mode to emulate true first time visit, because of cu
  4. Hi Dipscom, yes, I know this part and also tried several different things, but no results. The key issue for me now is why the .from (or .to) animation -- when combined -- gets weird? Well, honestly, I am not sure about this. I mean, it is a common selector for all elements, and looking at some video demos, this is exactly how the GSAP team is doing it. explodedLogo is common to each, letter_X is specific to each. I mean, I highly doubt and would be really surprised that the selectors are key issue here And already tried as per my original post - no difference, looks
  5. Hi GSAP team! I have discovered your GreenSock.js few days ago and really got impressed - nice work! And I have started playing with simple TweenMax from & staggerFrom examples, but along the way got some strange results. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, here is my basic work so far: EXAMPLE 1: TweenMax.from(".explodedLogo.letter_O, .explodedLogo.letter_o", 1, {delay:1, rotation:22.5}); RESULT: http://i.imgur.com/s5BT3SD.gifv EXAMPLE 2: TweenMax.staggerFrom(".explodedLogo", 0.5,