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  1. Hey there stickeryou, seems like i need to do the same thing as you did, as my trial with the InteractivePNG class did not succeed.. Can you you tell me in a little more detail how you "bypassed" the TransformManagers own MouseEvent handling? And did you remove all the MouseEvent handling, or just the "Select / Deselect" part? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thanks for that, i tried to incorporate the InteractivePNG class by using it as a container for my bitmaps, but the transformManager seems to apply it's own mouseEvent handlers.. so it still selects any item with or without opacity. Seems like i will need to dig deeper into your fine class..
  3. Hi there! We purchased a license for your awesome TransformManager AS3, and now i am stuck with the following problem: Is it possible to scale and rotate a TransformItem on the stage without using the handles directly but by clicking anywhere on the TransformItem? I have some sort of "state controller", which allows me to allow only positioning, scaling or rotating of a TransformItem at one time. I mean i want to be able to click ANYWHERE on the TransformItem and scale and or rotate it, according to the state in which the TransformManager is in at the time of the click. This works out of the box with the positioning, but scaling and rotating is only possible by using the handles on the outside corners of the TransformItem. I hope i have made my problem clear, and that there is a way to accomplish this! Thank you and best regards, shagga
  4. Hi there, we have bought a licence of your very fine TransformManager AS3 component, and now we ran into a first little problem: There are different pictures on our stage, many of them are transparent PNGs. Now we want the user to only be able to select one of the PNGs ( => TransformItems), if he/she clicks on a non-transparent region of the PNG. By default, the user can click anywhere inside the boundaries of the whole PNG, and it does not matter if the image is transparent there or not. Can this be solved by using any "hidden features" inside the classes, or would i have to change core code to accomplish this feature? Any ideas and hints would be awesome, thank you!