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  1. That's it... Thank you for your kind help and advice... Maybe I need to practice more English first...
  2. Thanks for the clarification... you're right... I wrote the same code (with different syntax) before... there is a issue when I use set ... it produces a jerking initial movement... I modified your code to : const tl = new TimelineMax({repeat: -1, yoyo: true}); tl .to(e, 1, { x: -5}) .to(e, 1, {ease: Power1.easeInOut, x: 5}) With this one we haven't that jerking initial movement but the animation distortion between iteration occur... You're not the only ones who confused now
  3. Sorry for my poor English, I'm trying my best. Here is a smooth animation like a yoyo using pure CSS: Here is the Codepen. But there is an issue with that. As you see the red box moves only to the right side based on its container. we can see the left side of the grey container only... That means the anchor-point of the movement is not at the center of red box. if we see the both edges (right and left side) of the grey container while red box is animating then thats the desired result. Does that make sense?
  4. Here is a CodePen: https://codepen.io/pixy-dixy/pen/xxVEWXO?editors=1010 As you see at the end of each iteration (when x: 0) a pause occurs and after this pause the next iteration starts.
  5. OK that is the exact issue... When I create such a timeline a jerking movement at the end of the animation (and start of the new animation) occurs!
  6. Thanks for the answer... I appreciate that ... But I can't make your solution work correctly... Can you please provide a code guide...
  7. I have a red box as the element to animate. Here is a simple representation of how I want to animate the red box. (attached image) How can I get the result using TweenMax? I have tried this with no luck: const e = document.getElementById('element'); TweenMax.to(e, 1, {left:"20px", ease:Elastic.easeOut, delay:1, yoyo:true, repeat:-1}); As you see the box moves right at first and then starts animating from right to left. I just want to set the anchor point of the movement at the center of the box. so that we can not see the first movement to the right. Note: I need to use TweenMax 2.1.3
  8. I Want To Kiss You On Both Cheeks Bro ... Solved ...
  9. Hi everyone and good morning... it's morning in my country! Pretty sure that everyone of you guys had played Angry Birds before... This game has a menu consisted of some boxes... You can't have access to next box whether you completed the previous one...Actually next boxes are locked; till you have completed previous one... (attached image) Now consider these boxes as buttons that load SWF files. When loaded SWF file reach its last frame it shows an "unlocked next box" and then save this situation. I want to create such a complex menu, but as I'm new to as3 and LoaderMax I NEED SOME HELP PLEASE >>> Problem 1: SWF files that should be load are not created with adobe flash Problem 2: How To Detect Last Frame of Loaded SWF File in LoaderMax? Maybe if I Can Trace That it is reached the last frame I can solve this ... Any Any Any Suggestions are EXTREMELY appreciated...Thanks a lot