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  1. Thank you, however one of the GSAP members here has reached out and solved my issue just now. My problem was I thought that TimelineMax was the container for TweenMax instead of the other way around! Also I had scripts in the defs tag, but that appears to not be an issue as I did a test for the heck of it, and once I had the right script referenced it works both in the svg defs as well as the html head.
  2. I am asking for anyone who has one hour of their time available at $50/hr USD to help me animate a single element in an SVG menu I've built as well as any general advice which may come to your mind. I have made this SVG and don't wish to make a codepen example for public viewing or anything so I wish to keep it private - and to recreate a concept of this would take a long while. Rather I would prefer to have someone help me out via a screen-share session. My problem is, I'm trying to animate a g element but GSAP does not appear to work. Instead, using $(elem).attr("transform", "translate(0, -10)"); works. Anyways I've spent hours on this to no avail, maybe one of you gurus has my solution...
  3. How cool is that! Thanks for your help and the link, I didn't even know this was happening, it doesn't cease to surprise me with amazements!
  4. Hi, greetings! I am a complete newbie and am very excited to get started learning GSAP for SVG animation. Right now I have one of the most basic questions: can I get a current step of a transform attribute component from an affected SVG shape using GSAP? I noticed that the amazing and intuitive capability of GSAP turns transform attribute parts into a matrix and I've come across https://css-tricks.com/get-value-of-css-rotation-through-javascript/ which is what I'll resort to outside of this forum. However, I have to ask if there's already a native GSAP method of doing this. My goal is to simply keep track of transform values in units, such as rotation of a clock-arrow, using an onUpdate function. tl.fromTo( elem, duration, { rotation : oldAngle, transformOrigin : "50% 50%" }, { rotation : newAngle, transformOrigin : "50% 50%", ease: myEase, onUpdate : function(){ // elem.currentRotationAngle = ? } }, myLabel ); Thanks, and thanks to all who made this code available for the people of Earth.