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  1. Hello All - I am still looking out for potential developer partners for HTML5 banners for advertising. If you have a portfolio or some sample work that you would like to share then please post here or follow up via direct message. Thank you! Luke
  2. Cool - thanks for the info so far. Anyone who wants to send me a portfolio please feel free, or at least a link to your website or samples of work and I can include you on my list of devs. I guess a lot of people don't have a portfolio / showcase for a lot of their work - most likely too busy to update portfolio galleries anyway..!!
  3. Hi guys, I finally registered a username after browsing this forum in the past. I am not a developer but I work with clients who have a bunch of HTML5 banner work coming up. I was wondering if there is a best place to view developer's portfolios? Could anyone point me in the right direction, or send me links directly to any portfolio sites here. Thanks! Luke PS. I certainly do not mean to spam this forum, so if this is not relevant to post here, or if you suggest a better resource / place to post then please let me know.