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  1. Most Triumphant Work Dipscom!!!
  2. G'Day Dipscom, Thank you for investing interest and energy in deciphering the situation I discovered myself in!!! I have picked up on two major points of interest from your discoveries with the lame point being the non non non bodacious microsoft browsers adhering of the negative min-x and min-y values on the viewBox. The major kewl point was how you statically assigned the transform attribute with the scale and rotate against the patternChild and then invoked the animation as a parameter of the attr specifier!!! Most Excellent work and again much appreciated. Cheers, Bundy P.S. Although no where near as intuitive as using the percentage transformOrigin algorithm in conjunction with gsap that chrome natively accepts but a most excellent outcome regardless!!!
  3. GSAP Masters, Have come across a situation that you are all more than likely preloaded to fire back a response to explain why. The codepen example above is handled allot different in chrome as it is to firefox or internet explorer (all that I have tested at this stage). I was looking for a way to only transform on one shape but then pattern that render across the whole page as opposed to transforming lots of shapes all together (was killing my cpu). Chrome let me believe I was close to an answer until yeah the other browser checks bummed me out. Looking forward to your response. Cheers, Bundy