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  1. Thanks for you feedback so far guys. What if a did a simple vector figure like this? Is this doable? http://codepen.io/nsohail92/pen/zvbeOE I want to transition a woman from standing to sitting. Also is it possible to have two different svg graphics morph? Or do both objects need to be one color? I tried morphing three objects that each have a different color, but they all ended up turning into one common color. You can see that codepen here: http://codepen.io/nsohail92/pen/vNPvvV
  2. I don't see any examples of complex vector graphics in GASP. I really want to know what the best practice would be when saving vectors as SVGs. What kinds of graphics or types of vectors are appropriate for morphing? For something like this couldn't I select all the paths in a group and morph those? How would I do this? Also is there image morphing in GASP?
  3. Are there guidelines for how to make a vector graphic that will need to morph? I want to morph a complex vector graphic into another complex vector graphic. These vectors had clipping masks in adobe illustrator. How should I save these so the SVG code works well with the morphSVG plugin? Are there any tutorials on how to morph a complex vignette like the one shown in my codepen link? Guidelines for making graphics that will be converted to SVG will also be helpful for designers who make these graphics for me to convert. http://codepen.io/nsohail92/pen/zvbeOE
  4. Anyone know how I can remove all pauses added to my timeline? http://codepen.io/nsohail92/pen/LpMqrE I am trying to create a progress graphic that morphs as the progress goes up. I have an update button in my code that when clicked, updates the morph graphic by checking the value of the range input and adding it to the addPause() method. This works fine until I change the range over and over again. Looks like the pauses are all over the place and doesn't transition smoothly anymore. Anyone know how I can get this working properly? I am new to GreenSock.