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  1. Hello, Here are below URL. Which i have created my won way bottom of the page "Landing Slider". Please have a look https://www.eno.co.in Soon I will update my code on this http://greensock.com/ forum..!
  2. Hello, I am trying to create a smooth scroll "div" box. could you tell me how to create a smooth scroll Up and down "div" box ? Thanks, ..Jitu
  3. jitu

    CDN Link

    Ya i got that..! Thanks, Jitu
  4. jitu

    CDN Link

    Hello, I am beginner in Green sock animation. I got the CDN link for TweenMax.js file. Bult i would like to know where i can get the other JS file CDN link ? (like: TimelineMax.min.js,TweenLite.min.js,TimelineLite.min.js..plugins, easing ). Thanks, Jitu
  5. Need your help to insert Gsap x direction Tween Hi Jonathan, Your hope really help to me create "Landing slider" mouse event. As we had earlier discussion. I would like to extend topic "Landing slider". Resently i found "javascript" which detect the mouse direction left /right and stop and i have impliment in our topic "Code Pen" Js file. I just need your help to impliment into that event GSAP x direction API. Those insert pleases I have commented "Please insert the Tween ". Hope you will help me. Please go through below Code pen URL. Code pen URL : "http://codepen.io/jahagirdar/pen/YydBQX" Advance in Thanks..!
  6. Hi Jonathan, Really thanks to you for help me. Can you just give me example of tween kill. I was thinking that way may be possible to fix way.
  7. Hello, I have review that update one. But still there is issue when I visit first time webpage it first two slides goes offset and when I try to stop move at slide no 7 or any middle slide it doesn't stop auto move. I am testing on desktop device only. Can you refer the refrance website "www.mountaindew.com" I would like to create a same mouse move and stop function on top of our "landing slider"
  8. Hi Jonathan, Mouse move left and stop moving "Landing slider" function works fine but there are issue with mouse move right and stop 'moving 'Landing slider " in between. it goes auto move until end of right width. could you please help me out.? to stop auto move right side. http://codepen.io/jonathan/pen/avPaWq
  9. Hello, I am trying to create similar "Landing slider" as like reference website url "www.mountaindew.com/". I have done Some of "Linding slider" part. but there is still some work need to complete. could you please help out ? to add following kind of functionality mouse event on "Landing slider". I want to be add mouse event. How ever if user mouse over on "Linding slider".Base on mouse direction left /right "Linding slider" should be move. and also it should be stop. if user stop mouse direction at any point of width landing slider. Thanks, Jitu