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  1. i need to get different values from different tweens and getBoundingClientRect cause browser reflow, don't think it's good idea do this. maybe tm store somewhere values that set ?
  2. how can i get current tween values TweenMax.to(div, 2, { css: { top: 200, }, onUpdate(self) { // get current top value console.log(self.vars.css.top); }, onUpdateParams: ["{self}"], });
  3. tween can only have one callback ?
  4. const tween = TweenMax.to({}, 1, {}); tween.eventCallback("onUpdate", () => { // SOME CODE }); https://greensock.com/docs/TweenMax/eventCallback() how to remove eventCallback ?
  5. i expect: zero rotation: cube must looks like second one. with rotation: cube must looks like first one.
  6. i can be wrong, but i think that when using transformPerspective with zero rotation, transform matrix has no information about perspective, childs can't apply parent perspective and looks flat.
  7. yes i know the difference. i added another demo. look at the second one, when i add to each side transformPerspective, looks not bad. but... when i start rotation both looks different, and first looks better.
  8. transformPerspective is a perfect solution for rotation, but when node has zero rotation it looks like flat
  9. _getOffset2DMatrix = function(e, offsetOrigin, parentOffsetOrigin, zeroOrigin, isBase) { if (e === window || !e || !e.style || !e.parentNode) { return [1,0,0,1,0,0]; } var cache = e._dCache || _cache(e), parent = e.parentNode, parentCache = parent._dCache || _cache(parent), _cache = function(e) { if (Draggable.cacheSVGData !== false && e._dCache && e._dCache.lastUpdate === TweenLite.ticker.frame) { return e._dCache; } var cache = e._dCache = e._dCache || {}, cs = _getComputedStyle(e), as we can see, function "_getOffset2DMatrix" has check for "!e.style" but into function "_cache" we send "e.parentNode". "_cache" function has no checks and try to get computed style. in this case e.nodeName === 'HTML' && e.style && !e.parentNode.style // e.parentNode is frame.contentWindow.document
  10. i have friendly iframes on the page, and don't want load draggable in every iframe, it loads only on top, and when i try to create draggable element in iframe it cause error.
  11. i use it to know, when element change size/position. for example, i have element A, and element B which behaves like a reflection in a mirror. element A can change it size/position from a different places, and when i create element B, i just whant to cacth all tweens, and check target , if it's element A, then do what i do.
  12. thanks, this help me if use "to", "fromTo" etc... and another thing is, can i catch usage of TweenMax.set()?
  13. I find TweenMax.ticker.addEventListener("tick", callbackFn); but.. how can i get all items, that currently animated?
  14. Hi, i have a problem, i need to know if any element on the page start/end tweening with TweenMax. Can i add something like global callback, that will fire on every tween start/end. P.S. sorry for my bad english.
  15. thanks for answer.. but problem doesn't in that.....code for example part of TweenMax.min.js z = function(t, e) { var i, s = {}; for (i in t) B[i] || i in e && "transform" !== i && "x" !== i && "y" !== i && "width" !== i && "height" !== i && "className" !== i && "border" !== i && "position" !== i || !(!E[i] || E[i] && E[i]._autoCSS) || (s[i] = t[i], delete t[i]); t.css = s } as i understood this is function that convert params obj assigned to function, into Obj.css and when this function check "position" key, look at the "|| i in e &&" part of code.. in this part original lib diside that "position" need to be called becouse of mootools add method position to DOM elements. i fix it added "&& "position" !== i" part of code to originl lib. sorry for bad english.
  16. OxXxigen

    GSAP VS MooTools

    sorry for bad english. If use mootools and try to change "position" attribute, autoCss function GSAP detect "position" in target and don't add it to vars.css, becouse mootool add "position" method to Node prototype. i fix it in my local machine, but... where can i write, to fix it in future?