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  1. Blake, In the spirit of full disclosure, I must share that the reason I was being sent to the GreenSock home page was because I had inadvertently included a 'src=' that was (as you predicted) was still pointing to "a version of the plugin that would only work on certain domains like..." so not surprisingly the (correctly referenced) local <script src="vendor/... was simply being contradicted by the reference to the remote src, So lesson learned, keep all <script src=... statments in the head so as not to entertain duplicates (then reshuffle them for distribution). My apologi
  2. Blake, I think I am very nearly there. I did however simplify things a bit (I think). I really like what you did in your Plunker, but when I set it up, it complied perfect but nothing worked. So then I went back to my old CodePen version and pasted the HTML and JS just into an element and pulled that element into a Angular2 Component template, that works except that when I import drawSVG via good old fashioned <script> into my HTML the app is taken to Greensock. I take this as a sign that I am very close, but cannot quite seal the deal. What is the best practice for importing
  3. Blake, Many thanks for your work on the above subject. I wish I were actually able to contribute more than just questions, but I just cannot adapt to the CodePen environment. I completely agree with your comments on Angular 2 it is a complete redo and would have been better, renamed to limit the confusion. If you are interested in learning more I strongly recommend the book by Ari Lerner https://www.ng-book.com/2/ it is really excellent and the associated community https://gitter.im/ng-book/ng-book is helpful as well (of course nothing like my friends at GreenSock). I am now sur
  4. Blake, This is really great stuff you have shared. I have learned very much from your example. I cannot say how long it will take me to figure out everything that you have done to get this to work but you have inspired me to try again, now knowing that it can be done. Please understand that I know only a very little more about Angular2 than I know about GreenSock, which all who have seen my posts can see is precious little. As a somewhat comical example of how with even as little knowledge as I have, I managed to blow up my CodePen account. this was done while trying to integrat
  5. All this and solid business model coaching gratis. Many thanks for the post, and all you do to inspire.
  6. Well, I have had to throw in the towel on this effort for now. While I did If someone figures out if/how a simple SVGdraw (see z-shaped underline) animation can be done in Angular2 I would be very keen to hear. Till then I fear I am going to have to move on and leave out the animations for now. Thanks for all the help. While it may not look like much, below is my final z-shaped sketchy underline. I was pretty happy with it. Ultimately I would like to control the SVG color and point locations via bindings and I expect the integration I am looking to achieve with Angular2 will
  7. Are there any updates on the subject of improved Angular2 support? I am most interested in SVGdraw within Angular2 components. If someone figures out if/how a simple SVGdraw (see z-shaped underline) animation can be done in Angular2 I would be very keen to hear. Till then I fear I am going to have to move on and leave out the animations. Best regards, Steve
  8. Again many thanks, you folks are great to be so helpful. What I will have when finished is a Polymer iron-input field in a custom-container element (much like the paper-input element in Polymer). The function of the z-shaped underline is to indicate that the input box has focus, and this fade effect will be 'onBlur' (loose focus). I will have a bunch of these input fields (containers) on a form, that I am trying to make as near real paper and pencil as practical. So I am using various handwriting fonts and avoiding frames around input (much like many of the Polymer Paper-Input elem
  9. Update So I have adjusted the color and added a fade out effect. I read somewhere about an auto??? feature that is preferred to animating the opacity was anyone know what I am thinking about? My question is how to stagger the start of the fadeouts so it looks more like a bleed from top down (all are fading but start from the top). Sorry, I am trying but something is not clicking in my head yet. http://codepen.io/Bolmanator/pen/reVYrY
  10. Many thanks to Craig and Carl for your help and helpful comments. I have massaged this into something that better matches what I hope the final product will look like. Of course it is not a real input field, and the final result will draw and remain until a loss of focus on the input. I will also be producing different colors however this is will be done in Illustrator and pasted in. Something I will continue working on is moving as much of the svg into the css, I am not sure why I was having difficulty with this but did not seem to respond as I expected but had very limited time to
  11. I would like this svg to 'appear to be drawn in a z-form. meaning top (green) line from left to right, then (red) line from where the green line leaves off and returns diagonally right to left, then finally the bottom (black & grey with shading) lines are drawn again left to right. There are two lines that form the bottom line, they should draw at the same time, each of these four lines need to be drawn separately to allow the path width to change a little across each direction change and the two lines (as well as allowing for shading of one) allows the width of the combined line to