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  1. Thanks somnambist. Let me be more specific regarding my question. Say my banner is prepped, ready to go onto the promoter's website. Click-tag in place, etc. That web administrator is unsure what to to with the file set as he's used to dropping in a swf, gif, jpg, etc. That's where I'm seeking help. How does the site administrator take the finished assets and serve the ad? Make sense?
  2. Thanks Dipscom. When you say the ad platform may supply a tag to add to the banner's location - can you expand on that? What does that actually mean - they are linking to the ad which I may be hosting via an iFrame (or similar)? More detail would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Hi all, This is a basic question that I've yet to find answered... how do site administrator's implement GSAP banners? I've prepared a test banner file set, based on the example banners on Greensock's site, and the administrator is unsure how to use it. What are the best practices for serving GSAP banners? Thanks!