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  1. @GreenSock thank you for the detailed explanation, that makes sense! I was actually suspecting this, but was puzzled to see the onStart call before onUpdate. I also noticed having progress calculation only onUpdate also fixes my specific issue, but the actual fix seems to be having that small gap, thanks!
  2. Hi folks! I have a parent timeline consisting multiple child timelines with various durations and tweens. I create the parent timeline empty and paused, then add child timelines in a for loop, adding pause at the end of each. I use onStart and onUpdate methods to check the child timeline progress and update the progress bar styling on DOM, along other things. First run is working as intended, but when I use parent.restart() or parent.seek("childLabel").play(), the onUpdate of the next child timeline fires at the end of current child timeline. Behavior can be seen on console as well. Any ideas why?
  3. Do you remember what kind of compression was causing the issue? I'm experiencing this same issue and trying to figure out what type of compression/output will work the best/smoothest