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  1. Sorry, it did have a polyline element, disregard that comment
  2. This works, thanks. I noticed however, that you edited the SVG itself to have the polyline property, which was not present in Illustrator export file. Did you use a specific tool to update the SVG?
  3. I just want to animate this svg left to right, however, no transition is happening. Not sure why. The SVG is just exported from Illustrator. Thanks in advance.
  4. What about for interactivity. Would JQuery be useful for mouse over effects, or can GSAP handle this as well?
  5. Another noobie question: I have been following the tutorials in the Noble Desktop book for learning GSAP. JQUery is used as an id and class selector (and for some UI functionality in some tutorials). However, I wonder if this is still relevant, since loading TimelineMax, and TweenMax seems to already give the ability to select any elements based on id and class without the need for jQuery. My question is, is there any benefit to loading JQuery just to select elements within the context of banners? Can I safely dispense with JQuery then?
  6. Thanks for the tips. I ended up using the bezierPlugin approach. It took me a bit to figure out, but after getting it, it made the process very intuitive. As a side note, the level of support in the forums is impressive. You guys are very prompt and thorough with your help.
  7. Newbie question: Imagine a ball bouncing up and down while moving horizontally from left to right. In the days of the Flash timeline, this could be done by animating along a path. What's a good method to get this done with GSAP? PS: the transformation of the ball getting squashed when hitting the ground is not necessary, just the bounce effect up and down and to the sides.
  8. Ohem, thanks for taking the time to rewrite the js. I will update my code with your insights. I notice it is much briefer and you did not have to rely on fromTo to get the same effect. Jonathan, so if we are using Timelinemax, should autoAlpha be used always instead of opacity and visibility:hidden? Is there any instances where these 2 properties would be preferred?
  9. Here's my second try at learning/implementing GSAP after reading the Noble Desktop book. I was able to get the effect I wanted to work, but I suspect my code is probably bloated and redundant. I would appreciate any input on streamlining it. http://codepen.io/jroncero/pen/gazdPo This Logo intro will be used in all our banners campaigns and across all sizes. So it is critical to really optimize it. Thanks in advance!
  10. I'd love to use the 3d flip effect used in the browser logos for a banner, is this also possible with SVG instead of png?