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  1. Another approach is to redeclare the variables and then use clear properties on that newly declared variable/object which does actually seem to work!? It is a little tricky to set up a reduced test case as my implementation uses a wider framework for it's slide presentation. One thing I notice is that it seems to work if I redeclare these dom variables/objects and then use clearProps:"all" to clear again? Will try to reproduce in a reduced case environment if I have a chance.
  2. Just to let you know I had a similar problem trying to clear properties on an element for some reason. So in my case I had to specifically clear the properties using something like this: $("#bar9 .a2").css("height", ""); Interestingly the jquery objects that were just using classes seemed to work fine. So var improvedBarTwo = $("#bar9 .a2"); //did not work var improvedArrow = $(".barcontain9 .arrow_box"); //worked fine That said changing the other selctors to use classes did not seem to make a difference?
  3. I am kind of new to this but have figured out that where you use a css default, i.e. opacity: 0 and then you want to to override with inline css using tweenMax etc, it seems to make more sense to use the .to method. SO in your case the following worked for me: TweenMax.to( $('.homeImg>img'), 0.5, {css:{scale:.05, opacity:1, rotation: 180}, ease:Quad.easeInOut});