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  1. Thank you for your time. I'll continue searching answers
  2. Do you have any examples or link to documentation where I can search for solution - how to achieve same effect with GSAP?
  3. May be... GSAP has CSS Plugin. Maybe it can do the same thing as on the demo?
  4. Right now it's absolutely magic for me. How Vuejs did it by adding and removing classes without styling inline. https://codepen.io/wsjs/pen/vYLNMrM What calculation is under the hood is mystery for me... And I thought may be gsap has something like this in the engine
  5. Thank you for your reply If compare your solution with my codepen example, you'll see that the words after main word are move smoothly, but in your example they are move sharply
  6. Thank you for answer! Yes, right now I'm using them both and i was wondering if I can use gsap everywhere.
  7. Attached video with responsive animation. If you shrink screen width until words come in tow rows, you'll see that the last word animating not only horizontal but also vertical. I think with your solution it's very hard to make this kind of animation.Am i wrong or may be there is another solution? animation-responsive.mp4
  8. In Vuejs there is css animation library that do this crazy thing so easy and clear. How to reach the same effect with gsap? Maybe there is ready-made methods for this?
  9. Wow! That is awesome! It solved the problem Big thanks for GSAP and for quick reply... I'm your fan #1 from this day PS I'll leave edited codepen here, mey be it'll be usefull for others: http://codepen.io/wildsol/pen/Boryxg?editors=001
  10. Hello, i'm new in GSAP and i found a strange bug when try to use {scale: 60} round object Screenshot: https://goo.gl/GgkaLt Edge: https://goo.gl/nm6l5G =D Codepen: http://codepen.io/wildsol/pen/Boryxg Any ideas? PS: If use {width: 300, height: 300} - everithing is good PSS: If i use css animation transform: scale(60) - everighting is good