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  1. Hi Carl, Thanks for the suggestion. I modified all of my absolute times to relative times using the format you provided, but the animation still messes up when calling restart(). I decided to take a different approach, not using restart(), by creating a new instance each time I want to restart the animation. That is working perfectly, so I'll just avoid using restart() in my code. Thanks, Gary
  2. I'm new to GSAP so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I have the beginning of a game I'm working on: www.giebler.com/IMS/iWin/Game/Game2.html (My graphic designer hasn't animated the avatar yet). While working on it, a tap or click of the mouse executes tl.restart() so I can repeat the animation. However, after a few restarts, the avatar stops at the bridge for several of the timeline events, but eventually jumps to the end. Can someone look at my source (above URL) and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!