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  1. Thanks for your responses. My task is to organize image loading sequence in two img objects in DOM, then to play tweens. The problem is that at the time of creating tween I don't know on which image object it will be playing. I came up with a solution of creating same tween for each img object and playing whichever is appropriate at the time of playback. At first glance duplicate objects don't look good, but that duplication will not even consume noticeable memory. So this solution is good.
  2. Thanks for all answers. My case is overcomplicated to write down here...
  3. Hello all. Suppose we have var selector1 = '.some-class1'; var selector2 = '.some-class2'; var tween = TweenLite.to(selector1, 2, {autoAlpha:1}); How I can change the target of tween to be selector2 without recreating tween? Thanks.
  4. I am having issue to get working autoscroll on my Iphone. IOS version is 9.0.0
  5. This is just GREAT!!! Now I'm a fan of this engine
  6. Hello greensock community! I was trying to figure out if the animation duration is constant? The main goal I want to achieve is to ensure that if I make some animation and it takes 5 seconds on my desktop PC, it will take exactly the same 5 seconds on my Iphone safari. I was trying to find source codes of Animation base class and check it from source, but couldn't find it. Thanks.