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  1. Definitely better!! Thank u very much! Its look perfect! (so is this much more performant ? )
  2. Hi Dipscom, thanks a lot for the reaply, help me a lot ! anyway... with a SCALE VALUE and set... its work fine.. I dont have any issue. I have a problem with a ROTATION VALUE... I try to explain clean here: start at this point .. 1 - I would like to rotate a cube endless. 2 - on a sound beat i would like to give to rotation something like acceleration.. as my codepen http://codepen.io/phosl/pen/xgoBOB Thank again for your time
  3. Hi Dipscom, here the codepen request http://codepen.io/phosl/pen/xgoBOB, thanks, F
  4. Hi Dipscom, thanks a lot for your reply.. I remove the 'tick' event. Anyway i need RAF because 1 - i need to render the 3D scene constantly 2 - i call soundAnalyser also because i need to read the frequencyData of the sound "in realtime". Sincerely the code work, and its fine.. i had sync audio with tween.. ( repeat:-1 on TimelineMax created in RAF function its not working anyway) but im just worried about perfomance.. Expecially on soundAnalyzer when i create a TimelineMax every frame and immediately overwriting it in the next frame. So when you say overwriting, you me
  5. Hi everybody, im new on gsap...playing with threejs, tween and audio visualizer. I have a group with some mesh as child 1 - I would like to animate each element of the mesh with a value created in RAF . 2 - I would like to make endless tween on rotation (unfortunally , "repeat: -1" its not working). Is there another elegant / better solution for do that. Thanks in advance for any help... On RAF i have some function: 1 for render() three scene and one for analyze the sound and pass the value on tween. So this... // The sound analyzer . function soundAnalyzer() {