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  1. Acccent's post in hover - begin time line, out return to original was marked as the answer   
    If you're having trouble, have a look at
    See the Pen EKYWja by Acccent (@Acccent) on CodePen
    , but I'd suggest trying to figure it out on your own first
  2. Acccent's post in Make responsive transforms with media-query-dependent values? (or workaround?) was marked as the answer   
    Okay I fixed it! I just had to move tl.seek() in Diaco's pen before the TweenLite that updates the panel's position:
    See the Pen WQZYaQ by Accent (@Accent) on CodePen
    Now it all works, although to be honest I still think it's a tad complicated, but it'll do!
  3. Acccent's post in Problems migrating from Velocity.js: cycling opacity with a TimelineMax was marked as the answer   
    Alright I think I understand why it behaved the way it did. My cycling timeline was something like:
    fadecycle .staggerTo([$a, $b, $c], 2.1, { opacity: 0 }, 10) .staggerTo([$b, $c, $a], 3, { opacity: 1 }, 10, 0.6);  
    And I assumed the order in which I passed the elements would make it understand how I wanted it to behave, that is:
    t 00.0 ..... $a fade out
    t 00.6 ..... $b fade in
    t 10.0 ..... $b fade out
    t 10.6 ..... $c fade in
    t 20.0 ..... $c fade out
    t 20.6 ..... $a fade in
    But apparently the order isn't recognised well? and the timeline ended up looking more like
    t 00.0 ..... $a fade out
    t 00.6 ..... $a fade in
    t 10.0 ..... $c fade out
    t 10.6 ..... $b fade in
    I fixed it by simply writing a more explicit timeline. I tried to use staggerFromTo + SlowMo easing, but couldn't get to a transition that was quite perfectly like the one I'd tuned (which I had spent time on to make look just right). There's as many lines as the equivalent thing in Velocity.js now oh well At least it works. And the cycle feature mentioned in your link, Diaco, looks very promising, so I'll have a look at that tomorrow.