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  1. Now, there is another problem. If I change the size of the browser window, the border is adjusted correctly. But when I continue to scroll, the animation / border size is broken.
  2. Hi Diaco, thanks for the hint. This works well for the border, but I do not get it for clip to run? Or do I have to completely rewrite it? But I do not know how I can get the mask effect else. Do you have a clue how this works?
  3. Hi Diaco, thanks for the very fast reply. I made a Codepen: http://codepen.io/nabjoern/pen/EVvopB Now I have read, how I can update tweens after resizing. But unfortunately it is not working properly. And I cannot find a solution
  4. I have a website that I have animated with GSAP and ScrollMagic. Now I want to make it responsive. For this tweens need to be updated. Do I have to rewrite the tweens, or is there a function to do it?