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  1. Totally agree about annoying users part. But the thing is that IOS stop background music even when the video inside banner doesn`t ghave sound or when sound is muted. So situation is like this: - I listen to some music on spotify on my iphone - I`m browsing some website in safari browser and the website is holding the ad which has video on autoplay but with muted sound. Therefore its kinda annoying if my spotify stop when the video sound in the banner is muted. With the banner that doesn`t have that issue situation is little bit different. If the video is autoplayed and its sound is muted, spotify or anything in background will continue playing. I can pause/play video it will still work. Only time when their banner stop background music is when i unmute the video sound, which make sense.
  2. Hey guys, This is not strictly related to the greensock, but also could be I created a banner which has video inside and the video is muted. Whenever my banner is showed, no matter if inside app or inside browser, on IOS, any other sound in background (such as music player) will stop. I know this is default behavior of the IOS (and android as well), but I also saw that some company managed to build banner with video which doesn`t stop background music, but I`m still not sure how. So my questions is - is it possible to workaround somehow this issue inside banner itself via javascript or something ? Maybe something like playing video through the canvas (already tried that didn`t worked), or separating video and audio, dunno. Is there hack or a way to play video that will not affect background music on IOS ? ! Thanks
  3. Here is my code so far and the issue I`m dealing with: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33104644/adobe-edge-html5-local-connection The idea is to synchronize 2 banners (loaded via iframe in 3rd file) so they start in exact same time. I would appreciate any input on this issue. Maybe there is a better way to do this ? Thanks
  4. Yeah, got it. My situation is kinda different. We have internal custom adServer in the company and we always host our resources on our servers. So what I need basically is local connection between two iframes. The idea is that each of the HTML (for example superbanner.html and skyscrapper.html) will sent the message to the each other`s iframe. And I will play each ad only when both receive the message from the other one. I already wrote a script for that, just working on some adjustments. I will share once its 100% working, it might be useful to someone here or maybe someone will have better idea.
  5. Hello guys, I was wondering if there is any solution for the localconnection between two html5 iframes for the wallpaper format of a banners ? I saw that adform has one as well as many other 3rd party services but they all, of course, are requiring using their services in order to use the localconnection. So, is there any script for that yet ? I started to write my own but it would be helpful to see if someone has made any progress on this. Thanks